Magnetic Memberships

If you have a membership, then you already know that retention is paramount for the profitability of your business. This workshop bundle will give you the inspiration, tools, and education you need to make your membership magnetic!

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Magnetic Memberships Workshop Bundle

Workshop #1: The loyalty levers behind a magnetic membership

This workshop covers all your burning questions on membership retention. We’re going to talk about:

✅  When your membership should start prioritising retention

The real reason people will join and cancel your membership

✅ We'll be diving deep into the levers that some of the world’s biggest brands use to drive their customers up the loyalty chain(and how you can, too).

Workshop #2: How to take Your membership from messy to magnetised

It’s easy for a membership to become a bit of a Frankenstein’s monster. You add something here. You add something there. And before you know it, your membership is all over the place. And a messy membership does not good retention make. In this workshop I’m going to take you through the practical steps that will take your membership from messy and confusing to magnetised and clear as day.

Workshop #3: Speed sessions feat. magnetic membership guest speakers

In this workshop, I pulled in five brilliant membership owners for a series of Ted Talk style, 15-minute speed sessions. Each guest speaker shared one activity they've run in their membership that boosted either their retention or member spend. Speakers included:

➡️ Alex Beadon from Project Storyline on how she optimised her onboarding programme for retention

➡️ Brooke Vulinovich from Social Club on how she reduced member cancellations through better connecting with her members

➡️ Holly Bray from Busy to Boss Academy on how she drives annual renewals in her membership

➡️ Rob & Kennedy from Email Marketing Heroes on how they effectively upsell their members

➡️ Vix Meldrew from Grow & Glow on how she's tweaking her membership proposition to better serve her members

Workshop  #4: The 90-Day Membership Profit Pump Plan

In this last workshop, I share the 90-day profit pump plan. This 90-day plan will lay out, week by week, what you can do over three months to drive the profitability of your membership outside of just “attract new members.” If I was dropped into a membership and told to drive as much revenue as possible leveraging existing members, this is what I'd do. And this isn't a pie-in-the-sky plan. I've built this plan so it's as tangible and realistic as possible.

With memberships becoming a dime a dozen, the difference between a good membership and a great one is its ability to retain its members. Because retention means your members saw the goods, and wanted more.

That's why having a magnetic membership is oh-so-important.

Meet your host, Liz Beadon.

Hi, I'm Liz! I spent the first ten years of my career helping some of the world's biggest brands (oh hi, Virgin & Samsung) and most exciting startups (oh hi, LivingSocial) with customer loyalty and retention. Now, I help membership sites elevate their customer experience to skyrocket profitability and help their members go further.

With businesses left, right, and centre, moving towards a membership based model it's now more important than ever to bake retention into your broader membership strategy - it can no longer be an afterthought.

Here's the thing: a magnetic membership is a profitable one.

It's one where members join and don't want to leave because they're getting so much out of the experience. They're seeing wins. They're connecting with others. They're making moves.

And this all happens after the customer has been acquired.

Which is why it puzzles me that the vast majority of memberships find themselves hell-bent on growing their base each month, without also considering how they can reduce their monthly member cancellations.

Because it doesn't matter if you're winning 100 new members a month, if you're losing 110.

This is not only a mistake.

It's an expensive mistake (the worst kind!).

That's why I put together Magnetic Memberships, the workshop bundle that will give you the tools, education, and support you need to start getting your membership experience in order.

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Feedback in the DMs

Membership growth is a vanity metric.

Let me say that again for the people in the back.

Membership growth is a vanity metric.

Hear me out.

Let's imagine that you have a membership that costs $50 a month.

You have 300 members, making you $15,000 gross revenue per month.

Except a membership is a living, breathing thing.

And with every inhalation of new members, there will be an inevitable exhalation of member cancellations.

So let's imagine you're attracting 30 new members a month (breathe in...)

And getting 30 cancellations every month (& breathe out...)

So essentially you're losing as many members as you're gaining each month.

Meaning - your membership? It ain't growin'.

Not the end of the world, but not ideal.

Now let's imagine you're attracting 30 new members a month...

And getting 40 cancellations a month...

That's a net loss of 10 members a month.

In a year, you'll be down $6,000 a month. A month. Not a year.

If you're losing more members every month than you're gaining and you're not doing anything about it, this is a problem

Your house is on fire and you're dusting the cabinets.

Now, let's play out a different scenario.

Let's imagine that you're still attracting 30 new members a month.

Except this time you've managed to make changes in your membership to bolster retention.

So you're losing 20 members a month (let's be conservative).

That's a net growth of 10 members a month.

In one year, you'll be making $21,000 per month - $6,000 more per month (yes, per month) than when you started.

This is why retention matters. It's why having a magnetic membership matters.

It's the secret sauce that can turbo-boost your business' profitability.

And it's exactly what we're going to be covering in Magnetic Memberships, the workshop bundle.


"Magnetic Memberships was SO helpful - it told me more about how to improve my membership than I have been trying to figure out alone all year. If you have a membership and the desire to improve your retention, then you need Liz's invaluable insight. This was GOLD in comparison to most info out there. Thank you!"

Satnam Kaur
Founder of Conscious Sisterhood

"Thank you Liz for this invaluable mini-conference. I learnt that I'm already doing lots of positive things in my small membership. However I also learnt so much, all in useful, actionable points, about how I can grow and develop my membership - from creating a membership in which members want to stay, to what numbers to focus on to determine how your membership is doing."

Founder of The Epsom Bakehouse

"I loved to participate in the Magnetic Memberships with Liz. She shared so much valuable lessons and the sessions with the guests were eye opening. Thank you for your great work!"

Gabi Squizato,
Founder of the Eleva Club

"I was amazed at how much I learnt - and that was just at the end of the first session! Liz is a true professional, who clearly knows the art of retention inside out. Magnetic Memberships really helped illuminate our 'blind spots' and shone a light on the clearest pathway for our members to follow - to achieve transformation, without overwhelm or confusion. I highly recommend anyone and everyone with a membership attends - you truly cannot afford not to!"

Momoko Hill
Membership Manager of The Comparison Free Club

Are you ready to take your membership from messy to magnetised?

Here's what's included:

✅ 6 Months Access to 4 Actionable Workshops

✅ Workshop #1: The loyalty levers behind a magnetic membership

✅ Workshop #2: How to take your membership from messy to magnetised

✅ Workshop #3: Speed sessions feat. magnetic membership guest speakers

✅ Workshop #4: The 90-Day Membership Profit Pump Plan


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Who is Magnetic Memberships for?

Aspiring membership owners

Have you been dreaming of launching your own membership? Magnetic Memberships will be the perfect foray into the world of delivering exceptional member experiences that keep members staying longer, and spending more.

You'll learn the loyalty levers that go into creating a knockout membership offering that ticks all the right boxes - without overwhelming you or your members

Existing membership owners

If you've recently launched your membership - congratulations! Now is the perfect time to up the ante on your member experience. This is your chance to go above and beyond for your members in a way that's sustainable, and to make a real dent on your cancellation rate.

In Magnetic Memberships, you're going to learn the cornerstones of good member experience and some actionable campaigns your team can put in place in the next 30 days to pump your membership revenue before the year ends.

High-level membership owners

If you're already running a multi-six figure membership, then you know how small improvements to retention can have a big impact on your bottom line. That's why you want to make sure that you and your team are constantly delivering a best-in-class member experience.

Overwhelm is a key reason why members will stall on progress in a membership and ultimately cancel. In Magnetic Memberships, you'll learn how to take your members from overwhelmed to understood.

What makes a magnetic membership?

Magnetic memberships are customer ecentric

They make decisions based on what's best for their members - not based on what's the easiest solution

Magnetic memberships deliver amazing member experiences

From member onboarding to annual renewals, they make the experience easy for their members

Magnetic memberships are proactive in helping their members make progress

They don't have their members wandering around aimlessly like this is the wild wild west

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